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  1. Benedict Joseph

    It all depends on which Oats one chooses. The better choice is Steel cut oats and whole oats..which are less processed and whole grains. Once in a while having Oats is good for Health.. Doctor states that we have switched to western food and we should our own breakfast.. ok let me see what breakfast item we have in our cuisine: Dosa, Ghee dosa, Rava dosa, Rava upma.. fried Vada and Poori….except Idlis most of this items are unhealthy.

    1. Benedict Joseph

      @Thlapathy Karthi ​ @Thlapathy Karthi Yes it is also..depends on who eats.. basically its white Polished rice…. Sugar Patients cannot take..because it spikes sugar level …Idlis also comes from Fermentation which is creates Fast Carbohydrates… the same yeast which makes the Beer into alcohol..Idlis should be taken in Moderation.. and also for some having Dermatitis cannot take Fermented Foods such as Idli, Dosa and Yeast.. because it aggravates their dermatitis condition. However, its still a good food compared to other breakfast options available in India.

  2. Rupa Sampath

    What an inspiring speech doc! Rightly said . What’s important is , do we need these alternatives to replace our traditional meals? Our body needs to derive nutrition from wholesome, diet made from what is available in our region according to the climate – tropical/ temperate. Great info . Thanks.

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