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  1. Latheef Sulthan

    Spring potatoes saapdunga, vendamnu sollala, but after eating plz throw the sticks in the dust bin, everyone throwing those sticks in the beach sand itself, it causes so many accidents, I’m one of the victim of that.

    1. Sunny K

      B positivity So, you are fine with making wealthy and prosperous companies even wealthier but if a street food vendor who works equally hard doesn’t deserve to be paid well for his time and skills? Do you even have a brain?

    2. B positivity

      tanmay ambre sorry dude am middle class, I’ll not go for McD , and watever it s it restaurant r in street , it’s too much only , but in restaurant they want to give salary for workers , it’s my opinion dude , and u can also say Ur opinion it’s up to u , my opinion s up to me that’s it , take it lite

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