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Burma Food In Chennai Atho/Atho Recipe/Roadside Foodz

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Burma Food
Atho Shop in chennai
Atho making
Famous Street Food
Chennai Street Food
atho food preparation
burma atho food seivadu epadi
burma atho shop in chennai
atho burma soup recipe
atho food recipe
atho shop near me
parrys corner atho shop
broadway atho shop

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    1. Prasanna_ 12

      @NiftyGuru go and see all those comments …every comments describing my people’s like dirty fellow.. basically they are Burmese the only prepare with their hand …and in some comments they telling about sorounding our Chennai is not always be like that..it’s taken at rain time…so Mr.nifty guru even pm spoke unwanted and underestimate and spoke like sorry comment like fuckers we not able to give respect tooo

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