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Chennai street food – King of Bread omelette – Indian Street Food

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Chennai street food – King of Bread omelet – Indian Street Food. Best Street Food.Please subscribe for more videos:



    1. Wolverine Fans

      I was actually wondering about the same thing…..how the hell is he keeping it all in one place….
      I guessing the pan has edges cause at one point it made a perfect round shape. OR the pan is slightly shallow from the center. Observing his cooking took a lot out of me now I am hungrier… : (

  1. Divaker Udayakumar

    for people looking for this place address..its marina sandwich in marina beach..its at the backside of gandhi statue..price is reasonable and taste is good..price ranges frm 20rs to 60-70rs per sandwich..

    1. Kartbites App: Share your street food finds!

      Hi Divaker, you may download the Kartbites app and upload the picture of the dish from the food joint. The app will automatically help others to locate the food joint. 🙂

  2. Strange ButTrue

    Oh my goodness…..after watching this ( several times) I went to the store and bought bread ( I do not eat bread) came home and cooked a bread omelet. It was so delicious. I added a bit of sambel oelek…some shredded meat with caramelized onions that my son made and Monterey jack cheese. I ate it for dinner. Once again thank you for sharing your videos. I told my son after watching these videos I want to travel to India…..the people…the culture…the beauty there.Wow! Oh and the food:)

    1. Narayan Hegde

      Chennai is not safe for anybody not fluent in Tamil at all ! And never for single travellers, You should have at least 14 strong fighters ready to wage war for Your life! Because You will have to fight for every small thing! Like food, autorikshaw and hotel. Madrasi will try to rob every step You make. And if they fail, they will even push You before or below a running bus !

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